Alt 0169

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Copyright, Got it right,Got a right,to write.I've got it sealed-up tight.Alt 0169, no mere alternate trite.So, if you're looking for a fight,Remember, "might makes right", and the like...Alt 0169, preemptive, mighty missile strike.Such a lovely, lovely sight; what's not to like?Let my ©, ©, be your carbon-copy guiding light, … Continue reading Alt 0169


Front Porches

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Front Porches,Knee-walled, castle-fortress;Sentry station, marvelous appended creation,For taking stock of self and nation.Slowly and with little pomp, a flag-hand rises above the brow, on boney pole, and, Flaps a wind waving salute.



by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 A breast, a face, a lap, warm skin, caress and embrace me,Safely to the world from which I sprung to life and clung.Gravity was not enough to keep me grounded there for very long.But, the heart, the calm, the sweet smile, and gazing eye - stars,Set in Heaven, to … Continue reading Mom

Pittsburgh Connection to Murdered Polish Priest

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 The January stabbing death of Gdansk, Poland’s 53-year-old mayor and civil rights activist, Pawel Adamowicz, during a charity event has been likened to the 1984 murder of Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko, the Polish national hero who had little known ties to Pittsburgh.  “He was an ordinary guy who did extraordinary … Continue reading Pittsburgh Connection to Murdered Polish Priest


The Remedy

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Christo-Caucasian-Masculinity, To all three, I have an intimate affinity. If this makes me your worst enemy, May you find in God's love, the remedy, To the missed occasion to find the friend in me.

Redeye Over Boston


by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Courtesy Google Maps Boston Harbor, plump old daughter of the Revolution, exhaustedBut content from the rigors of a tightly bobby-pinned, puritanical day,Sits stuffed in her bath. Her fleshy legs and heels propped, straddling the edges of the tub. Buoyant breasts and hips, gently bobbing above the water's surface,She silently contemplates, … Continue reading Redeye Over Boston