“Eagle eggs hold more than baby eagles.”

By Paul C. Binotto © 2021 I believe Bald Eagles eggs hold more than baby eagles. That there’s also room enough inside for new hope. Hope for the species itself. The parents-to-be would have hope, too, if they were capable of reason, and not solely creatures of instinct. But also, hope for the only creatures … Continue reading “Eagle eggs hold more than baby eagles.”


Biden Books – A Satire

by Paul C. Binotto © 2020 While under his self-imposed quarantine in the hermit-ically sealed base-mental ward of his home, mediocre monk and media darling, Joe Biden, did not let this time off the campaign trail go to waste. Not so surprising, the media’s presumptive president-elect, former vice-president, and seven-term U.S. senator, instead ambitiously spent … Continue reading Biden Books – A Satire

Pittsburgh Connection to Murdered Polish Priest

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 “He was an ordinary guy who did extraordinary things.”, said Judith Kelly, author of, Just Call Me Jerzy Popieluszko in the United States and Canada, in a telephone interview. The January stabbing death of Gdansk, Poland’s 53-year-old mayor and civil rights activist, Pawel Adamowicz, during a charity event has … Continue reading Pittsburgh Connection to Murdered Polish Priest