Discovering the Child in Father


by Paul C. Binotto © 2020 Lovingly dedicated to my foster son, Kadan. Every day is an adventure with a four-year-old – I love his amazing imagination! It’s contagious; and it thaws and rekindles my own imagination and refills me with the wonderment of a fresh new world; one for me that has long ago … Continue reading Discovering the Child in Father


Foster Tale


One and a half days to prepare. User-manual not included. cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/nounnoun: chaos; plural noun: chaosescomplete disorder and confusion."snow caused chaos in the region "synonyms:disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, madness, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, furor, frenzy, uproar, hue and cry, babel, hurly-burly; Morea maelstrom, a muddle, a mess, a shambles, a … Continue reading Foster Tale

Peter Binotto Sr. – WWII Memoir -In His Own Words


Edited by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 After seeing most of the United States, I shipped out for overseas, landing in Scotland, of which we were trucked down to Southampton, England, and entered our barracks near a British Camp. We spent three months there before shipping out – crossing the English Channel in pontoon boats, … Continue reading Peter Binotto Sr. – WWII Memoir -In His Own Words

Redeye Over Boston

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Courtesy Google Maps Boston Harbor, plump old daughter of the Revolution, exhaustedBut content from the rigors of a tightly bobby-pinned, puritanical day,Sits stuffed in her bath. Her fleshy legs and heels propped, straddling the edges of the tub. Buoyant breasts and hips, gently bobbing above the water's surface,She silently contemplates, … Continue reading Redeye Over Boston

On Writing Professionally

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Interestingly, Dr. Zinsser chooses the first few sentences of his book, On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction, to introduce the reader to renowned author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, E.B.White.  Or, at least to the famous photograph taken by Jill Krementz of … Continue reading On Writing Professionally

John Lennon, Professional Writer

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Categories and fields of professional writing are wide and varied, and can even encompass lyric writing. The most successful professional writer's will closely adhere in their writing, even if unwittingly so, to a variation of the time-tested classic "Schramm's Model" shown below, that diagrams the quintessential formula for all … Continue reading John Lennon, Professional Writer

And You Thought 21st Century Reporting was Dangerous

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 The threat of violence against Journalist is an ever-increasing and unavoidable fact in the 21st century. Contemplating the dangers of being a news journalist can even be a little scary for the uninitiated aspiring to a career as news reporter; even for the most determined and most ardent adrenaline … Continue reading And You Thought 21st Century Reporting was Dangerous