Peter Binotto Sr. – WWII Memoir -In His Own Words


Edited by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 After seeing most of the United States, I shipped out for overseas, landing in Scotland, of which we were trucked down to Southampton, England, and entered our barracks near a British Camp. We spent three months there before shipping out – crossing the English Channel in pontoon boats, … Continue reading Peter Binotto Sr. – WWII Memoir -In His Own Words


Prologue to Emancipation

By Paul C. Binotto President Abraham Lincoln, emboldened by the recent victory at Antietam, has unleashed what he hopes will be the decisive offensive against the Confederacy; and it won't take place on the battlefield. Seated at his desk at the White House, surrounded only by his closest Secretaries, the President's swift pen striking across … Continue reading Prologue to Emancipation