Opened Letter

by Paul C. Binotto

© 2019

So, you say, daddy wouldn't approve of me
Who are you to even make that call?
Maybe you really didn't know daddy at all.

It's getting so I can't even talk to you freely. 
Why is this all such a shock to you,
After all the miles I've walked with you.

It wasn't that I suddenly changed my tune.
It's just that, you never let me sing it freely.
For me, it couldn't have happened too soon, (Even now, that its left us in ruin).

The truth may have re-named me;
Claimed me, tamed me, re-arranged me, (Otherwise, I haven't changed). 
But, now I'm full of peace, full of hope.

No longer just a blank page in an envelope;
Sealed in, addressed and stamped;  
And, sent where I never wanted to go.


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