Then, It Wasn’t, But

by Paul C. Binotto

© 2019

Then it was easier, wasn't it, but...
With eyes so blind,
And wide-open mind,
And, heart slammed tightly shut,

To the truth. It wasn't my truth.
It would take a greater sleuth,
Than ever I was, just to find it.
To pull back the cover-up, unwind it.

Then it was easier, wasn't it, but...
Then I couldn't see, there wasn't enough
To remind me. That it was me, in need of finding;
Out of sight, just unseen and hiding, life is shining,

From the beginning. Like a star in the sea-sky, swimming.
For the shore of personal destiny and meaning.
With all of her being, she is being and glimmering.
Her closed eyes see better than us who are seeing.

Then it was easier, it wasn't, but...


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