The Pittsburghers I Recall

by Paul C. Binotto
© 2019

The Pittsburghers I recall had heads and wills 
as strong as steel, and hearts as soft as putty.
And every man, his word was real,
his shake, his seal,
and every man his buddy.

The Pittsburghers I recall, headed to mills
down steps and up hills, in snow and mud he’d
arrive soaked in rain, or snow, or sweat, dirty, and chilled.
And, stand so close to the licking blast, till
his bones were baked, and his face made ruddy.

The Pittsburghers I recall, worked six twelves in denim, sparked thru by steel.
And, wore their suits, but held their hat, for an hour, each Sunday. 
And, God, and family, and Steelers, 
(in that order - except maybe Super Bowl Sunday),
Is what got them up early, and out the door, for another six twelves on Monday.


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