Silver Spoon, Silver mote

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Silver spoon, silver mote, One chokes the eye, the other, throat. Which the sheep, which the goat? Which the warning, prophets wrote? Retire for the night, Rise, re-treaded for the day. Walk in the light, Water and clay. The very stones wail out Against the silence cast in gold. … Continue reading Silver Spoon, Silver mote

UBI: Golden Parachute or Fool’s Gold – An Op-ed.

By Paul C. Binotto © 2018 As global industries, particularly Western industries, move ever closer to the near-full automation of labor, Silicon Valley is faced with the dilemma of how to provide for the ongoing financial needs of the hundreds of thousands of people expected to be permanently displaced from the eventual (near) jobless manufacturing … Continue reading UBI: Golden Parachute or Fool’s Gold – An Op-ed.