Silver Spoon, Silver mote

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Silver spoon, silver mote, One chokes the eye, the other, throat. Which the sheep, which the goat? Which the warning, prophets wrote? Retire for the night, Rise, re-treaded for the day. Walk in the light, Water and clay. The very stones wail out Against the silence cast in gold. … Continue reading Silver Spoon, Silver mote


The Remedy

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Christo-Caucasian-Masculinity, To all three, I have an intimate affinity. If this makes me your worst enemy, May you find in God's love, the remedy, To the missed occasion to find the friend in me.


by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 RelativizedRomanticizedPopularizedPatronizedJeopardizedMonetizedFranchisedSanitizedMonopolizedRealizedBaptizedCanonizedVillainizedAnalyzedVulcanizedPlagiarizedPack of liesPrioritizedPushed asideRadicalizedCapitalizedSecuritizedFactualizedActualizedImmortalizedSpecializedIodizedFantasizedFanaticizedFractionalizedMarbleizedCaramelizedTrivializedHow unwiseFrench fries On the sideDisenfranchisedRevitalizedCrystalizedDigitized“Sunshine in my eyesAlways makes me cry”SpatializedEasternizedWesternizedAfricanizedAmericanizedHomogenizedStandardizedUN oversizedFull of spiesHard to tell who’s on our sideCapsizedMarginalizedJust along for the rideOpen wide, here comes the tide“Step on through to the other side”ConceptualizedPenny wiseTie-died and PicklizedArtist little known and penniless until after he … Continue reading Truth