“A Grief Endured”

by Paul C. Binotto for Lisa, © 2021 North Star, compass of the night, that brought me safely, by your light, across the bridge of anger, that spans the rushing danger, of the awful, sorrowful torrents, to alight, upon the shore of acceptance. I can sense, and see, in the morning air and light, Just … Continue reading “A Grief Endured”



by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 A breast, a face, a lap, warm skin, caress and embrace me,Safely to the world from which I sprung to life and clung.Gravity was not enough to keep me grounded there for very long.But, the heart, the calm, the sweet smile, and gazing eye - stars,Set in Heaven, to … Continue reading Mom


by Paul C. Binotto © 2019  March’s out, the way it came. April’s come, so have the rains. Gone’s the memory of winter pains. April’s tears, cry for May,Sun and rain softens the Potter's clay.