The Road Taken

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Howard Sochurek—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images I must admit, I took the other road than he.More trod perhaps, more free,Of bramble, brush, and tangled ivy poetry.But, still I managed to get lost,(Lost time an extra cost).The path drew off to the left, then right, crisscrossed.Now straight-away I stood toe … Continue reading The Road Taken



by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 RelativizedRomanticizedPopularizedPatronizedJeopardizedMonetizedFranchisedSanitizedMonopolizedRealizedBaptizedCanonizedVillainizedAnalyzedVulcanizedPlagiarizedPack of liesPrioritizedPushed asideRadicalizedCapitalizedSecuritizedFactualizedActualizedImmortalizedSpecializedIodizedFantasizedFanaticizedFractionalizedMarbleizedCaramelizedTrivializedHow unwiseFrench fries On the sideDisenfranchisedRevitalizedCrystalizedDigitized“Sunshine in my eyesAlways makes me cry”SpatializedEasternizedWesternizedAfricanizedAmericanizedHomogenizedStandardizedUN oversizedFull of spiesHard to tell who’s on our sideCapsizedMarginalizedJust along for the rideOpen wide, here comes the tide“Step on through to the other side”ConceptualizedPenny wiseTie-died and PicklizedArtist little known and penniless until after he … Continue reading Truth

Honorary Clerical Titles

by Paul C. Binotto © 2019 Priestly personalities and holy dispositions are far too varied to be adequately characterized by the two traditional titles of "Reverend" and "Very Reverend". If the uninitiated “Church Shopper" is to make an informed decision about which parish to attend, a more descriptive and comprehensive clerical title scheme seems in order.  … Continue reading Honorary Clerical Titles